Friday, August 26, 2011

Going to California: Part 6

May 19th, 2011

This was the last day of Mommy's work week. It was also Daddy's birthday! Mommy went to the plant bright and early and Logan and Daddy finished packing up the hotel room to check out. After taking it easy and making sure everything was ready to go we headed back to the Sensory Time place to wait until Mommy got done with work. When we got there a preschool class was in session but we were still allowed in. They cleared out after a little while and the only kids in there were Logan and a little girl. Pretty much all the toys, and no waiting!

Back at the train table.


An inner-tube surrounding a bunch of vertical pipes equals bouncy fun!


A caged animal!


Once we got the all clear from Momma we packed ourselves up and went to pick her up. Logan got to check out some displays while we waited for Mommy to finish one final thing. Then it was time to get back on the road.

Destination: Costa Mesa!

We decided to spend the last few days of our trip near the beach with Mommy's Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon. Logan slept in the car for a little over an hour. This worked perfectly since it took about that long to get there. Paul and Sharon had even made a wonderful home cooked dinner. It was really nice since we had been eating out for most of our meals since we got to California. As a special treat for Daddy's Birthday they got an Ice cream cake. It was very good and Logan devoured his piece. Logan also got to make a new friend while we were down there. Paul and Sharon's dog Rufus. Logan did really well with him and was very gentle when petting him. You could tell Rufus was expecting Logan to be a little more physical with him as he kinda backed away initially. Unlike most other kids Rufus has had dealings with, Logan was very careful. He really enjoyed watching Rufus do what he does.
Mommy and Daddy had packed a few toys to keep Logan entertained on the trip but at Paul and Sharon's they weren't necessary. They had a few toys tucked away for their grandkids and they brought them out for Logan. once he got ahold of 2 "Shake-n-go" cars of Lightning McQueen and Mater from the movie, "Cars" he was entertained for a while. Mommy, Daddy, Paul, and Sharon, chatted and played with Logan until bedtime.

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