Friday, August 26, 2011

Going to California: Part 6

May 19th, 2011

This was the last day of Mommy's work week. It was also Daddy's birthday! Mommy went to the plant bright and early and Logan and Daddy finished packing up the hotel room to check out. After taking it easy and making sure everything was ready to go we headed back to the Sensory Time place to wait until Mommy got done with work. When we got there a preschool class was in session but we were still allowed in. They cleared out after a little while and the only kids in there were Logan and a little girl. Pretty much all the toys, and no waiting!

Back at the train table.


An inner-tube surrounding a bunch of vertical pipes equals bouncy fun!


A caged animal!


Once we got the all clear from Momma we packed ourselves up and went to pick her up. Logan got to check out some displays while we waited for Mommy to finish one final thing. Then it was time to get back on the road.

Destination: Costa Mesa!

We decided to spend the last few days of our trip near the beach with Mommy's Uncle Paul and Aunt Sharon. Logan slept in the car for a little over an hour. This worked perfectly since it took about that long to get there. Paul and Sharon had even made a wonderful home cooked dinner. It was really nice since we had been eating out for most of our meals since we got to California. As a special treat for Daddy's Birthday they got an Ice cream cake. It was very good and Logan devoured his piece. Logan also got to make a new friend while we were down there. Paul and Sharon's dog Rufus. Logan did really well with him and was very gentle when petting him. You could tell Rufus was expecting Logan to be a little more physical with him as he kinda backed away initially. Unlike most other kids Rufus has had dealings with, Logan was very careful. He really enjoyed watching Rufus do what he does.
Mommy and Daddy had packed a few toys to keep Logan entertained on the trip but at Paul and Sharon's they weren't necessary. They had a few toys tucked away for their grandkids and they brought them out for Logan. once he got ahold of 2 "Shake-n-go" cars of Lightning McQueen and Mater from the movie, "Cars" he was entertained for a while. Mommy, Daddy, Paul, and Sharon, chatted and played with Logan until bedtime.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going to California: Part 5

May 18th, 2011

Like the day before it was just Logan and Daddy for the bulk of it. We kicked it off with a big breakfast at the hotel again.

Hes eating a piece of sausage, I swear!

After stuffing ourselves silly we made our way to a place that Mommy found while researching the trip. It is called, Sensory Time. Basically a large indoor playground with slides climbing structures, trampolines, and all sorts of toys. There was also a room with large bean bags and various play tables. One had trains. Logan likes trains. We spent the rest of the morning there as Logan was having a blast. That and it was pouring down rain for most of the morning so doing something inside was a plus.

I think its a cross between a big wheel, a bumper car, and a wheel chair. Whetever it was Logan liked it.

A geodesic dome. You could climb it or crawl through it. The extra soft pillow inside was perfect for dropping onto.

The blur on the trampoline!

After his nap we decided to take a walk in old town. We parked at one end and walked to the other. Occasionally stopping in a shop to browse. Logan really liked one shop dedicated to model railroads. There was also a Parrot in it that talked. I think it confused him.

Posing in front of an old wagon in old town.

Going to California: Part 4

May 17th, 2011

Daddy and Logan were left to their own devices today. Daddy had a plan though. While researching things to do while in Temecula, Daddy found a rather unique children's museum. It is called, Professor Pennypickles Workshop. After a wonderful hot breakfast in the dining room of the hotel we went directly there. Each room had a theme and lots of things for little hands to touch and investigate. There was a maze with black lights and fluorescent drawings on the corridors. Logan got a kick out of seeing his clothes glow. Room after room there was lots to do and explore.

Like this clock that looked like you could touch the gears but if you tried your hand could never quite touch it.

There was also these mirrors set in such a way that all you saw was yourself. A lot!

Logan liked it.

Logan would have spent hours playing in this hot air balloon basket. he came back to it a few times. there was lots of dials and gauges, along with a telescope and periscope.

Having a great time.

Driving... navigating... piloting... whatever the correct term is for controlling a hot air balloon.

A typewriter with a monitor?

Lightning windows.

Buttons and lights!

You push a button and bubbles move the wiffle balls inside up and you try to get them into the tee.

Logan played with these for a while too.

This was supposed to be a voice changer but we could never get it to work correctly.

That is one big, loud, drum!

Piano player.

This room was supposed to be the inside of a clock, it was crazy!

He is getting on a Sit-n-spin. The fun part was it moved all the gears on the wall!

After thoroughly exploring the place, we looked around the gift shop and got him a little stuffed mouse that you see hiding out everywhere in the museum. His name is Beaker. Then it was off to find some lunch and take Logan back to the hotel for a nap.
That afternoon Logan and Daddy grabbed some more bread and took a short walk over to another duck pond right near the hotel. These ducks were aggressive and Logan loved every minute of it. Watching the ducks go crazy trying to grab the pieces of bread that he threw into the water. He kept shrieking with excitement and giggling when the ducks would fight over one piece.

Quacking like a duck.

Chucking bread.

Lots of ducks.


This was taken at the pond, it was a statue commemorating all the armed services.


Checking himself out.


Big rock.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Going to California: Part 3

May 16th, 2011

Today was the first day Mommy was going to have to go to work. Fortunately it was going to be in the afternoon so we had her for the morning. We also had her aunt Judy come up again and show us a duck pond where feeding was allowed. All the duck ponds near us have banned feeding so this was a novelty. The ducks weren't particularly aggressive or hungry it seemed so we usually only had a couple nearby at any given time. Logan had fun ripping up the bread and tossing it into the water for the ducks though. We also wandered around a little when we stumbled upon a playground. Daddy says the nice thing about playgrounds in Southern California is that a lot of them have shade built onto them. Logan didn't seem to care or notice as he was busy running around it. Daddy ran around with him while Mommy and Aunt Judy chatted. That is until Daddy twisted his ankle. A little girl walked in front of the slide Logan and he were on and Daddy planted his foot so he wouldn't run into her. Unfortunately his body tried to keep going and it twisted. That's when Mommy took over.
A little while later, Judy's son, Tommy and his girlfriend, Collette, came to join us. We all played for a while and went back to feeding the ducks for a few minutes. Then we all went out for lunch. We all chatted and caught up with each others lives, but before long it was time to take Mommy to work. Oddly Logan didn't put up much of a fight when we dropped her off and we soon found out why. We barely made it out of the parking lot and he was snoozing in the back. Tired kiddo.
Daddy and Judy took Logan back to the hotel and put him down for a nap in the bed. While Logan slept Daddy and Judy sat and talked, swapping child raising and life stories.
After his nap we played in the hotel room until Mommy came home. Judy left shortly afterward, which left just the 3 of us. Dinner and playtime, then off to bed for all.

First duck feeding!

Maintaining a safe distance apparently.


Beautiful sunny day

Baby Ducks!

Rockin' out!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Going to California: Part 2

May 15th 2011

The morning of our first full day in California we decided to take advantage of the free breakfast at the hotel, then head to a couple of stores to stock up on supplies for the week before heading to Temecula where Mommy was going to be needed until the 19th.

Mommy and Logan playing around a fountain outside the Starbucks.

After the supplies were obtained, coffee was acquired, and lunch was eaten, we headed inland from the coast and headed for Temecula. Logan fell asleep a short way into the hour or so drive. He woke up again right as we got to the Hotel in Temecula. We checked in and checked it out to make sure everything was ok. Fortunately, it was a 2 room suite and that way Logan would be able to have his own sleeping space like he is used to. After we got our bags up to the room we got a hold of Cambria's Aunt Judy and her Fiance Giovanna who live really close and went out to dinner with them.
After a nice dinner and some catching up we headed back to the hotel so Judy and Giovanna could head back home. We had a little time to waste so we found a playground to let Logan run around and get his energy out before bedtime.

Logan is not used to sand under play equipment.


Shot off the end!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Going to California: Part 1

May 14th 2011

Mommy was told by her employer that she was going to be needed for a week in Southern California. Instead of leaving Daddy and Logan behind, we decided to make a vacation out of it. This also meant Logan was going to be able to take his first plane ride! In the weeks prior we kept reminding him and explaining everything we were gonna do. We told him all about the airport, getting on the plane, and what we were going to do on the plane. Every time we brought it up he got excited about it and made his airplane noise. Our flight was at 6:30 in the evening so we let Logan take his nap before heading to Seatac Airport. We found a play area and figured Logan should get some energy out before having to sit for two and a half hours.

Having fun in the play area!

Climbing on everything!

Then we had dinner in the new concourse and watched the planes take off and land. Logan was really excited to watch that. Then it was time to board our flight. We showed Logan that he got his own seat and safety belt for when he was in his seat.

Daddy and Logan during pre-flight

Excited about the plane ride!

He spent the rest of the time before take off looking out the window, checking out the tray table, and playing with his new toy that we gave him. Once he was in his seat and we were settled in he got a toy airplane that looked a lot like the one we were flying in. Every time something new happened on the plane we made sure to explain to him what was going on. Once we were in the air we took out the portable DVD player that Grandma Cathy let him borrow and he watched some of his show we have on DVD that we brought with us. It was definitely a good time killer and kept him in his seat while we were flying.
The only problem we had was on approach. Logan's ears started bothering him and he wouldn't suck on the lollipop we gave him or anything else that might pop his ears. That's when we decided to give him a good tickle. It must have worked cause after that he was fine. After we got off the plane in orange county we went get our bags and rental car. When we got out of the airport to go get our rental car we saw some palm trees and since they are something Logan has never seen in person we made sure to point them out to him. We were waiting in the rental office for someone to find Logan a car seat, (which they had to borrow from another company cause they ran out) he started walking around and saying "Palm Tree" (sounded more like Pom Tee) over and over again. For a kid who hasn't been too talkative he sure can pick up a new word pretty fast when he wants!
Originally we were gonna spend the first night with Mommy's friend Nichole and her husband Mike, but just the day before we were going to leave Nichole got sick and so we had to book a hotel room. We were disappointed but know that these things happen and we didn't want to get sick right at the beginning of our trip. Besides we were going to get together with them later in the week anyway. So we headed to the hotel and got some much needed rest.